House by House Directory of Coltman Street

Originally known as Coltman's street (source- White's directory 1851)

Some of this information was originally used to form the basis for a 'Living Museum'. A 'museum exhibit' label was attached to each house during the 'Village street party of 2002, encouraging young and old to learn and former residents to remember the fascinating history of the street. By doing this we hope to re-awaken community pride in our area. Many thanks to the many local people who have contributed to this with their memories of their time on Coltman Street and with family histories. We are especially indebted to Marie and Norman Housam for the information from Marie's 1985s project and 1992 updates on the street and Norman's contemporary photographs. To Roger Hamilton for help with the many hours of trawling census returns and directories for names and dates and with inputting text. To both Chris Ketchell of the Local History Unit, Hull College and to Alec Gill for extending our knowledge and for their encouragement. And especially to the many former residents and descendants of former residents who have shared their family histories with us since we started this project. emails regularly arrive from all over the world with snippets of family reminiscence to whole memoirs! We are now attempting to add as much family and anecdotal evidence as possible to make this site by the residents about the residents and for the residents of Coltman street and the city of Hull. Please feel free to 'debunk' any unproven theories which are stated as such whenever possible. (2002 photographs Angie Scarr).

Please note that dashes before or after dates (e.g. -1881-) mean that we have not yet found earliest/latest dates of occupancy Land originally owned by -
1748-1760: William Lister (28 acres of 3 closes of meadow or pasture)
1760-1798: Trustees of Grace lister (widow)
1798-1818: Harriett - only child, married Amos Green
1818-1848: Sir Thomas Coltman -land gifted from Harriett Green his half cousin

A stone inscribed 'Coltmans Land' still stands on the corner of a wall on Kingsbench street opposite the Centre 88.

Coltman street is popularly believed to have been named after Rev'd Joseph Coltman. Incumbent of Beverley Minster between 1813 and his death in 1837. However Sir Thomas Coltman, His brother, inherited the land and was first mentioned as landowner in a property deed of 1840 regarding the adjoining estate of Brazil House (the area on which Constable Street school now stands)The first reference to Coltman street as a street is made in 1842 when it appears that 4 Houses were already occupied including what was later to become number 101. Sir Thomas Coltman appears to have been an absentee landlord. His duties as a judge keeping him in London at his home at 8 Hyde Park Gardens. His property transactions were dealt with through an agent (?R)Emsley in Hull - source, Information gathered by the original Coltman street residents association during the 1980s
1846 11 houses
1851 around 50 houses
1855 (melvilles) appears to have house numbers up to 114
However in 1863-4 only 70 entries in total
The renumbering of houses and then empty plots, to run in it's unusual sequential fashion appears to have occured around prior to 1864-5. Before the renumbering numbers appear to have been somewhat 'higgledy piggledy'.
Further Sources of reference:
White's Directory - 1846, 1851, 1867
Freebody's Directory - 1851
Melville Directory - 1855
Kelly's Directory - 1872, 1874, 1885, 1892, 1899, 1909
Bulmer's Directory - 1892
Burgess Rolls - 1863, 1910, 1919, 1920
Electoral Registers - 1929, 1939, 1949
Census Returns - 1851, 1871, 1881

Cab Stand and shelter
Eagle Pub

The historical photograph shows the building in 1910 (then Bakers Market; a grocery store) decorated for King George 5th's coronation.
The History of 'The Eagle' 1851 Robert Robinson Eagle Tavern 12 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1855 Robert Robinson Eagle Tavern Anlaby Road
1858 R. Robinson Eagle 13 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1860 The licence was suspended for twelve months, possibly due to the rebuilding of the pub.
1861 R. Robinson Eagle Anlaby Road
1863 R. Eagle Tavern Anlaby Road
1867 Robt. Robinson Eagle Tavern 13 Albert Terrace
1872-3Topham & Spink Eagle Vaults 138 Anlaby Road
1874 Mrs. E.H. Watson The Eagle 18 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1876 J. Scott Eagle Anlaby Road
1885 Thomas Simpson Eagle Wine & Spirit Stores 18 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1892 James Bell Eagle Vaults 18 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1895 James Bell Eagle 18 Albert Terrace, Anlaby Rd
1899 Mrs. Margaret Barnes Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1901 Mrs. M. Barnes Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1903 Mrs. Ada Staveley Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1904-7Miss Martha Harrison* Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1909-16 Harry Turner Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1921 Charles Petch** Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1929-39 Charles Petch** Eagle Hotel 283 Anlaby Road
1954 Harry Turner Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
1991 Harry Turner Eagle Vaults 283 Anlaby Road
c. 1994-1999 Anlaby Ale House 2000 Name restored to The Eagle
2004 Present Landlord and Landlady Mick and Margaret * Possibly Miss Martha Morrison
1 -1867- Bores, John. Grease manufacturer (relation to Bores at 187?)(moved to 24 before 1872)
-1872-1874- Askam, Mrs Mary A.(Kelly's) (moved to no. 14 before 1885)
-1885- Horncastle, Wm. Edwd. (grocer); Whincup, William
1885 Robson, Fredk. (plumber & gasfitter) listed at 1 1/2
-1892- Petch, John. Clerk
-1899- Petch, James
1 1/2 1899 Robson, Frederick. Plumber & gasfitter
-1910-1939- Hunter, Charles William
-1920-1930- Hunter, Margaret Brydon
-1930-1939- Hunter, Elsie Margaret
1953 converted by CE Pittaway and son to two flats
2 -1863-1867- Lyons, Captain John (possibly numbered 24 in 1863
-1872- Beal, Mrs. Sarah M.
-1874- Board, Mrs. M.A.
-1885-1899- Atkinson, Mrs.
-1892- Ladies School run by the Larder family, Mrs Mary Jane
?? Miss Emily and Miss Jane Larder - Ladies school (see also no. 12).
-1910- Crompton, Ben
-1920-1939- Gameson Family: Robert (clerk), Mary Ethel
5 -1863-1867- Haller, Samuel. Gentleman
-1872-1874- Sleight, James. Merchant
-1885-1899- Pearce, Thomas. Solicitor with the company Middlemiss and Pearce Deputy Registrar Births and deaths, Myton District.
-1910- Jeff, George Arthur
-1920-1939- Walker Family: William Sutton (butter merchant) & Chloe
-1930-1939- Walker children: William Foot, Chloe (jun.)
2000/2001? 5 and 6 converted into Vale Guest House
6 -1864- Garrett, Richard
-1867- Haller, George R. Shipowner
-1872-1899- Shepherd, John George. (Paymaster in chief R.N.)
-1910- Walker, William Sutton
-1920- Ruspin, Richard Leonard & Lavinia (E.R.)
-1930-1939- May Family: Joseph William (foreman), Beatrice May
7 -1867-1872- Cross: Misses Jane & Lydia H.
-1874- Baynes, James. Analyst F.C.S.
-1885- Burroughs, James
-1892-1899- Baxter, Hermann Reimer. Corn merchant
-1920-1930- Bell, Bramwell Parker. House agent.
-1930- Bell: Mary Elizabeth & Robina Blanche
8 -1874- Wilcockson, Rev. Arthur
-1885-1899- Pauling, Arthur. Shipping agent.Business premises 18 High street
-1920- Dove Family: George Edward, Catherine Sarah, Sydney & Tracey
-1930- Waterhouse, Fletcher
-1930-1939- Waterhouse Family: Eliza, Cyril Fletcher, John Douglas & Marion
9 -1874-1885- Ross, Mrs. Ann (moved to 196 between 1885 and 1892?)
-1885-1930- Ross, Miss Ann (related to Mrs Annie Ross at 196?)
-1920-1930- Ross, Fanny Rowson
A neighbour (from Number eleven) remembers that the misses Ross were rather reclusive, One never went out. The other was "a bonny little woman, with pink cheeks and she always dressed in black. They used to throw rhubarb over the fence for us. But we wished they gave us it a bit sooner because it was rather big and old " -1939- Moore Family: Henry & Fanny; Hewick Family: Henry & ??
10 -1874- Barker, R.H.
-1885- Walker, Mary
-1892- Henderson (or Anderson), Henry Short
-1899- Lindley, Mrs
-1910- Skinner, John Henry
-1920-1939- Morrison Family: John Arthur (marine Engineer) & Louisa
-1874- Foster, John W.
-1885- Davis, Edwin Louis
-1892- Coatsworth, William Edward. Shipping agent
Office 5 Minerva Terrace
-1899- Barker, John Charles
-1920- Murphy: James Alexander & Florence
-1929-1949- Robinson Family: George Thomas (motor engineer), Maude Sarah, May Foster & Maude
(source - registers and memories of their daughter, Maude now -in 2002- aged 87.) Maude told us about her time at 111 where the family moved when Maude was 9. Maude remembers the great wooden doors between their house and the neighbours which served the three houses on each side until the bomb which hit Bean street "blew them to smithereens". (The mine dropped on Bean street the night of friday 14th/Saturday 15th March 1941 caused extensive damage. Casualties included 19 killed and 22 seriously injured)

She remembers the Street as rather well-to-do until after the war when the Council bought two houses (198 and 199 she thinks) and moved in some families whose children played in the street and threw tin cans "not like us". She thought perhaps they had been evicted from elsewhere. Maude (jun) left in 1947 but it appears her father continued to live here at least until the 1949 electoral roll.
1953 Alteration to flats by Wm Isaac ltd.

12 -1874- Hill, Miss S.
-1885- Craven, Thomas
-1892-1899- Hill, John. Shipping agent
-1920-1939- Larder: Mrs Emily Alice , Wilfred Taun
-1920-1930- Larder, Eva Florence
-1920- Larder: Mary Jane & Eliza Gertrude
The Larder sisters ran a private school from this house attended by the children of wealthy local people (source, neighbours memories) It is likely that this is the younger generation of the Larder family who lived and ran a school at number 2 in the 1890s.
-1930- Larder, Eva Florence
13 -1874-1899- Watson, Mr Henry
no mention in 1910
-1920-1930- Brewster, Thomas
-1920- Dalton, James John; Leckie, Lawrence
-1930- Oxtoby, Edwin
-1930-1939 Oxtoby, Gertrude Alice
1939- Miller, Ann Elizabeth; Jones, Gwyneth Rees
14 Built 1862, developer - Michael Peck (who lived at 188). He also had 15,16,17, 189 & 190 built
-1863/4- Pyper, James. Most likely a different spelling of the James Piper below. -1867- Piper, James. Cashier
-1872-1874- Thompson: Miss C. & Miss H.(Kelly's)
-1885- Askham () or Askam), Mrs. Mary Ann. (moved from number 1 after 1874)
-1892- Simpson, Mrs Maria (Bulmers 1892)
no mention in 1910
-1920- Reves-Brown: Sholto & Amy
-1930- Waring: Ernest James & Iza Helen
-1930- Searle, Rev. Frank Clifford. Primitive Methodist
-1939- Lancaster: Louis Howson & Olive; Hearson: Ernest & Clarise; Holt??, John William
15 Built 1862, developer Michael Peck (who lived at 188)He also built 14,16,17 and 189&190
-1855?-1885- Symonds (or Simmonds), John
-1867- Winter, Charles. Commercial agent
-1872- Rowell, J. Agent
-1864- Clayton, George Thomas
-1892- Upton, Mrs Harriet Elizabeth. Music teacher
no mention in 1910
-1920-1939- Salmond, Mrs Ada
-1920-1930 Johnson, Mark Tailor (moved to No. 16)
1930-1939- Johnson: Minnie & Wilfred Salmond
16 built 1862, developer - Michael Peck (who lived at 188). He also built 14,15,17, 189 & 190
-1867- Mitchell, Jas. H. Shoemaker
-1872- Woodhouse, Rev. T. Curate
-1874- Benson, Mrs. Jane
-1885- Brown, John A.
-1892- Dawes, William Paxton, clerk/Vaccination officer at 6 posterngate
no mention in 1910
-1920- Robinson, George
1930- Johnson, Mark Taylor (moved from No. 15); Robinson: Ada, Olive & Annie; Jefferson, Agnes
-1939- Lazenby, Susan Janet; Hill, Joseph
Built 1851 by Michael Peck (who lived at 188). He also built14,15,16, 189 & 190
-1867-1899- Byass, Mrs Elizabeth
no mention in 1910
-1920- Hunter, Annie
-1930- Pridgen, Harold Edmond. Drysalter
-1939- Wyatt, Helen Margaret; Phillips: Alexander Gordon & Kathleen Marie
18 Cleveland House c.1885
-1846-1855- Witting, James (listed in 1846/1851/1855 directories with no number)
-1867-1899- Witting, Mrs Ann
-1874- Whiting, Miss Jane
-1885- Robinson, John
-1892- Witting, Mr James (son?) (Kelly's 1892 lists Witting, Mrs.)
no mention in 1910
-1899- Robinson, John. Horse dealer
-1920- Jordan: George Richard & Edith
-1930- Riley, Alfred
-1939- Jarratt: Gofton & Catherine
19 -1910- Beath, James
-1920-1930 Thewles, Bartolomew. Fish merchant
1920- Jackson, William
-1939- Goforth Family: John William, Beatrice Elsie, George William & Beatrice Edna; Rushton, Edna (abode-18 Ena Street)
This house appears to retain its original unusually patterned tiled roof, which is in excellent condition
20 -1920-1939- Beath: James (Superintendant Engineer) & Marion Edith
This house appears to retain its original unusually patterned tiled roof which is in excellent condition
23 The original house no longer exists
-1892- Bee, Miss Harriet
-1910-1920- Stables owned by Lear, Samuel of Souttergate Hedon
-1920- Gibb: Jemima Leile & Stuart Leile; Johnson, Richard
-1930-1939- Gibb: Stewart Lee, Richard Johnson, Andrew Brownlaw & Minnie Leila
-1939- Gibb, Albert Ernest
24 The original house no longer exists.
Possibly also known as Cleveland House
-1872-1874- Bores, John. (grease manufacturer)(from No 1 after 1867)
-1885- Bores, Mrs.
-1892- Robinson, John. Horse dealer
no mention in 1910
-1920- Pederson: Alfred, Dorthea, Julius Andrew Theodore & Alfred Lawrence James
-1930-1939- Storr: John William (Fish merchant) & Anne
-1939- Storr, John William (jun.)
25 The original house no longer exists
This house was damaged by the landmine which fell on Bean Street in the war
-1874-1899- Murray, Robert. Engineer - Robert Murray and Son consulting engineers and marine surveyors
no mention in 1910
-1920-1939- Murray, Minnie
-1920- 25a: Murray, Robert; Wilson, Robert Maver
-1930- Murray, Mrs Annie
-1930-1939- Landless, Frank
-1939- Horton, Fred
25B -1885-1899- Law, Andrew Brown
-1920-1930- Andrew, Mrs Elizabeth
-1920- Harper, Jesse Henry
-1930-1939- Andrew: Charles Harry & Dorothy
-1930-1941? Meadows, Charlie
26 The original house no longer exists
This house was damaged by the landmine which fell on Bean Street in the war.(The mine dropped on Bean street the night of friday 14th/Saturday 15th March 1941 caused extensive damage. Casualties included 19 killed and 22 seriously injured)

-1872- Maine, W. Gentleman
-1874- Butterhill, Mrs. Elden
-1885-1910- Magner, Julius (or Junius). Fancy goods dealer-Magner Bros
-1920- Riley: Charles, Louisa, Arthur & Sidney
-1930-1939- Dowd, Mrs Annie Theodora
-1939-1941? Dowd: Cecil Henry Olaf & John Gibson Oliver

27 The original house no longer exists
This house was damaged by the landmine which fell on Bean Street in the war
1863- we have a Stephenson John listed with no house number
-1872- Stephenson, J.W. Music seller
-1874- English, Marcus C.
-1885- Rogers, James
-1892-1930- Nutt, James and his wife Mary Jane nee Rogers, daughter of James Rogers, master block maker. Their children James Arthur and Enid Mary Nutt who married Otto Tyrholm of Aalesund, Norway.
-1920- Nutt, Mary Jane
-1930-1939- Nutt: Susan Mary & James Arthur (wife and husband); Coulthard, Isobel (daughter of Susan Mary Nutt by Joseph Coulthard); Rix, Dorothy, (a widow, and daughter of Susan Mary Nutt by Joseph Coulthard).
1939 - Nutt, James Arthur, widower, Highways Surveyor for Hull City Corporation. (Some of this information was provided by Angela Walters, daughter of James Arthur Hassall Nutt, son of James Arthur and Susan Mary Nutt. Their daughter was Winifred Mary Nutt, married to 1st Captain Hedley Tarlington Walker, 2nd John Jones. Angela's older sister is Susan Magdalena Nutt who was born in Hull on 14th November 1948, then living at 24 Victoria Avenue.) Joseph Thwaites Coulthard was a wine and spirit merchant in Hull. He had 4 children with Susan Mary nee Bell: John "Jack", Isobel, Dorothy and Enid Thwaites.
There were three James Nutts at 27 Coltman Street: James, French millstone maker, his son James Arthur, Highways Surveyor, and his grandson James Arthur Hassall, Sales rep, farmer, colonial civil servant
Much of the above information about the Nutt family was provided by Angela Walters (nee Nutt), great granddaughter of the first mentioned James Nutt.
The house was destroyed beyond repair by the landmine in Bean Street in 1941. We are awaiting more information and photographs on this.
The bungalows were built in 1954 as memorial homes for retired fishermen and seamen and given by friends of Thomas Hudson JP (1884-1945) in the fishing industry of Hull and Grimsby.
28 The original house no longer exists
-1872-1885- Rawson, William. Clerk
-1892- Holiday, William. Ship chandler
no mention in 1910
-1920-1930-1941? Bush Family: Joseph. Optician (Great Grandfather of the present Bush Opticians), Clara Elizabeth, Claude Joseph (his son). Wholesale Bookseller. Joseph also had a son Herman and a daughter Diana.
[relationship to Bush at 103a in 1892?] This information was provided by Vivian Bush (Joseph's great grandson)who also mentioned that this house was bomb damaged during the war and that the family were good friends with their neighbours, the Vice family next door at No 29, who may also have sustained bomb damage. Claude's wife lived into old age and died only recently. Vivian also spoke of his father's shop on the corner of Daltry street where there was, according to family reminiscences, a butchers shop next door. The butcher was reputed to have kept a mongoose which he would put under peoples floorboards to catch rats! A useful asset in those days.
29 The original house no longer exists
-1872-1874- Garbutt, W.P. Builder - 1876 moved to/worked from 61 Whitefriargate?
-1885-1899- Smith, Robert
-1892- Smith, Mrs Harriet
-1910-1939- Clark, Samuel Henry. Coke merchant
-1920- Clark, Leonard Munroe
-1920-1939- Clark, Miss Hilda. Costumier
-1920-1930- Clark, Alice Fanny
-1939- Spene, Annie; Boynton, Gladys Ada
30 The original house no longer exists
-1885- Gibson, Charles. Fishmonger (moved from 32 after 1872?)
-1892- Fenner, Henry George. Belting merchant
Fenners became a large factory employing hundreds
-1899- Malcolm, Herbert
1910-1939- Hurst, Charles Alfred. Cashier (moved from 77 Boulevard)
-1920-1939-1941? Hurst, Alice Gertrude
31 The original house no longer exists
-1885- Bristow, Robert
-1892-1899- Allcott, James Henry. Surveyor H.M.Customs
-1910-1920- Walker, John Williams Wilson
-1920- Walker, Charlotte Maria
-1930- Goacher: Alfred & Emma Dorothy; Wren, Agnes; White, Lilian
-1939-1941? Parrott: James & Selina; Weaver, Andrew
32 The original house no longer exists
-1863-1872- Gibson, C. Gentleman (no house number in 1863, moved to no. 30 before 1885)
-1885- Nelson, Peter
-1892- Collier, Robert. Pawnbroker
-1899- Sephton, John
no mention in 1910
-1920-1930- Rowson: Martin & Charlotte
-1939- Morris, Hetty Camelia; Rudge, Adeline; Wilkinson, William Henry; Musgrave, Clarice
33 The original house no longer exists
-1867- Marillier, Mrs. Sara
-1872- Campbell, M. Flax merchant
-1874-1899- Ashton (or Aston), Miss Mary (boys' school)
-1892- Truman: Wm. E. (Ship owner) & William Herbert (Clerk) (or Truman, Mrs.)
-1920- Bulmer: Thomas, Sydney & William
-1930-1941? Beech: George Herbert (Tallyman) & Rachel; Day: John Thomas & Mary Ann; Milson: George Richard & Florence Emma; D'Andilly: Felix & Lilian
34 The original house no longer exists
1863-1872- Todd, Charles Spilman. Solicitor
-1874- Strachan, J.
-1892-1899- Carson, Robert. Civil engineer/Ship surveyor, Minerva Chambers 3 Minerva Terrace.
-1930- Hasluck, Mary Galbraith Adelaide; Downes, Frederick
-1939- Myers, William; Charlton: John Henry & Enid; Dixon, Kate; Self, May Jane
35 The original house no longer exists
-1867-1899- Duncan, William Easten. Ship owner (Good, Floodman and Duncan)
no mention in 1910
1916 J. Taylor & Sons alter bay window
-1920- Duncan, Emily
-1920-1930-1941? Duncan, Miss Florence
36 The original house no longer exists
-1867- Franklin, Jas. Merchant
-1872- Thackrah, W. Wine & spirit merchant
-1874- Ashton, Miss M. School
-1885- Aston, Miss Sarah Jane (girls' school)
-1892-1899- Redfearn, George. Builder and undertaker(source genuki)
-1910- Burton, Henry, the younger
-1920- Clubley: Martha Charlotte & Arthur Donald
-1930- Morrell: Percy Mont & Ethel May [related to 44/45?]
37 -1863-1867- Gresham, George. Tailor
-1872- Woodall, J. Tobacconist
-1874- Morton, Miss Eleanor
-1885-1899- Leeming, Samuel
-1892- Pudsey, Mrs Ann Elizabeth
no mention in 1910
-1920- Cook Family: Thomas, Annie & Frederick Noel; Kelly, Harold Gerard
-1929- Robinson, Joseph William Cyril & Hilda; Essam, Lottie
-1930- Wood, Rev Arthur. Primitive methodist
38 -1867- Davy, Henry. Piano manufacturer
-1872- Healey, Mrs. Jane
-1885-1910- Blackwell (or Backwell or Backwood), Joseph Perry. Accountant to Wesleyan Chapel (Scale Lane business?)
-1920- Jordan: William Ezra; & Jane
-1930- Ware: Brigadier William Henry (Salvation Army officer) & Mabel; Lightfoot, Sarah
This house was owned by the Salvation Army at this time and in 1939 there were alterations to the property to make a church and school room. In 1941 it sustained war damage (source-archives) 1939 Salvation Army alterations
39-43 Trinity Wesleyan Chapel. Foundation stone laid 1870. Opened May 1872. Built at a cost of 8,000 to a design of William Botterill of Hull. Decorated Gothic style in Ancaster stone it could seat 1,250. Sunday school at rear circa 1895, designed by Gelder and Kitchen. The Chapel and Sunday School were damaged by bombing in 1941 and demolished 1953. Coltman Street Day Hospital now stands on the site. On the corner of the passageway from Coltman Street to Bean Street the corner post of the old Wesleyan Chapel wall can still be seen.
44 -1910-1930- Morrell, Frederick Walter. Builder
-1920-1930- Morrell, Annie
-1920- Ponton, John Hutin
-1930- Morrell, J & Sons, builders
-1930 Morrell, Ronald [related to 36 & 45?]
45 -1920-1930- Morrell, Joseph. Builder; Morrell, Ruth
-1920 Morrell, Wilfred Lawrence [related to 36 & 44?]
2003 bought by investors who then found they had to resell at a substantial loss on the collapse of the investment company with whom they had placed their trust and their money. A cautionary tale for those seduced by promises of huge returns for small investments and no effort. Sorry but something for nothing is a pot of gold at rainbow's end.
46 -1910- Jenkins, Hugh
-1920- Moston: John; & Emily
-1930- Middleton Family: William Wilkenson (Coal exporter ), Mary Anne Elizabeth, Albert, Harry & Lilian
47 -1920- Thompson, Edward
-1930- Jacques, Rev. William (Primitive Methodist)
-1930- Ross: Harry & Fanny; Walmsley, Sarah Ellen
Owned and managed by Sanctuary Housing Association.
Unit 15 Killingbeck Drive, Leeds LS14 6UF 0845 7 573263
48 -1885-1899- Farr, Edward
-1892- Wilson, George. Dentist (business at 4 Whitefriargate)
no mention in 1910
-1920- Sideman: Isador, Annie & Sydney
-1930- Frederickson: Mrs. Alice, Willey & Alice Gertrude
49 -1885-1899- Ford, Charles. Keel and lighter owner
-1910-1920- Hudson, Walter
-1920- Hudson, Clara
1929- Hull Working Girls' Club - Mrs Elsie Bandey, sec.
50 -1885-1930- Ford, William. Lighter owner (Business address 47 High street)
-1920- Ford, Emma Edgeworth
-1930- Ford, Lavinia Alice; Borman, Eliza; Dickie, Mary
51 -1885-1899- Willingham, William. Butcher (8 Lowgate)
-1920-1930 Vice Family: Abraham (Pawnbroker)(moved from 92a after 1910), Emily & Victor Josiah
-1930- Vice Family: Cissie, Fanny, Leah
-1885- Wilkinson, John James
-1892- Atkinson, Peter. Boot dealer (86 Whitefriargate)
-1899- Wilson, James
no mention 1910, female occupant?
-1920- Smith: Alfred; & Margaret
-1930- Hames, Jas. Skipper
-1930- Morris: Bruce Cameron & Ivy; Naylor: Stanley & Ivy; Cornell: Albert Edward & Violet
53 1863-1874- Stevenson, James. Cashier
-1885- Dalton, Harry
-1892-1899- Meyer, August Alexander. Corn merchant (High street)
1910-1930- Filby, George Edward (electoral roll)
-1920-1930- Filby, Mary
-1920- Filby, George Douglas; Wagg, Arnold Hampton
54 The original house no longer exists -1867- Newbald, Chas. J. Clerk
-1872- Fernandez, Mrs. Rachael (moved to 116 before 1874)
-1874- Roach, Robert
1883- Mends, Herbert Archibald.
-1885- Good, Thomas
-1892- Parker, William. Drysalter
-1899- Healey, Mrs
-1920- Norfolk: Arthur Edward & Ann Elizabeth Parkinson
-1930- Hunter, Jas. Stanley. Engineer
55 The original house no longer exists 1864-1865- Stephenson, James. -1867-1874- Hurst, John (jun.) Customs' officer (see also 56)
-1885- Atkinson, Robert
-1892- Wilkinson, William Bethel. Brassfounder
-1899- Potter, Rd. Master mariner
1910 Des Forges, Henry George
-1920- Markham, Mary DesForges
-1930- Newbond, Chas. Hy., clerk
Temporary Photograph
56 The original house no longer exists 1863-1867- Broderick, Henry Walker (no house number in 1863)
-1872-1885- Hurst, John (sen.) Gentleman (see also 55)
-1885- Hurst, Sarah
-1892- Park, John Edward. Clerk
Genuki also has Miss Emma Hurst at this address 1892
-1899- Hurst, Mrs
-1910- Thompson, Edward
-1920-1930- Bell, John William. Manager of baths
-1920- Bell: Ann Elizabeth & John William the younger (E.R.)
Temporary Photograph
57 The original house no longer exists -1872-1874- McGregor, C. Corn menrchant
-1885-1899- Moss, Miss Ann Maria
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920- Freer family: Thomas Drewery & Mary (E.R.)
-1920-1930- Mosey, Mrs. Margaret
Temporary Photograph
58 The original house no longer exists -1872-1874- Johnson, J.E. Master mariner
-1885-1899- Dimbleby, George
-1892- Dimbleby, Mrs Charlotte L.
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920- Schollar: Alfred & Lilian; Greenwood, Albert; Leahy, Cornelius
-1930- Allison, Jn. Young, L.D.S., R.F.P.S. (dental surgeon)
Temporary Photograph
59 The original house no longer exists -1885 Neillsen, Ludwig
1892- Cowley, Arthur Henry. Clerk
-1920- Rea family: William Herbert, Rose & William Herbert the younger
-1930- Symonds, Clement Christopher Baker. Salesman
Temporary Photograph
60 The original house no longer exists -1885- Bjorik, George
-1892- Collishaw, Edward. Corn merchant for Edwin F Wiley & Co-(see 168)
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920- Bregazzi, Fanny Elizabeth
-1930- Bregazzi, Miss Ann B.
61 The original house no longer exists 1863-1867- Lotherington, William (relationship to Richard Lotherington of 1848-1851+ & John L. of 129 (1867-1885?)
-1885- Duncan, Mrs. Mary Ann
-1892- Jarvis, Walsham (or William). Collector (for Gas company)
-1899- Harrison, Mrs
-1910- Barker, Robert
-1920- Eyre, William; Greensiff, Ellen
Gertrude Eyre and Ellen Greensiff moved to 72 before 1930
Temporary Photograph
62 The original house no longer exists 1864-1874- Storr, Thomas. Gentleman
See 132 -1885-1899- Walker, Percy
-1892- Boyes, Frederick Bryan. Chief officer
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920-1930- Baker, Hubert Walter. Clerk
-1920- Baker, Maud
Temporary Photograph
63 -1867-1874- Boddy, William H. Commercial traveller
-1885- Wilson, James
-1892-1910- Hopper, Marshall. Foreman
1920 Lepick: Isaac & Miriam.
-1930- Mein, Mrs. Ada
Previous number could have been 27-not proved + will need checking. -1864-Sherwood:Joseph. -1867- Frith, John E. Shoemaker
-1872-1885 Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth.
1885- Linwood, John
-1892-1920- Harris, John. House agent
-1930- Harris, Gervas. Clerk (possibly John Harris' son) (moved from No. 84 after 1920)
1939 Clayton: Eric Wilfred. & Bessie Norah
65 The original house no longer exists
1864-5- Appleby, Robert Calvert (see Calvert terrace 138-141) -1867-1874- Wilson, Thomas. Surgeon
-1885- Fowler, Skelton
-1892-1899- McCollah (or McConnah), Mrs Elizabeth
-1910- Brown, Alfred
-1920- Beaumont; Harry & Harriet Gertrude; Statham, Frederick; Nuttall, John
-1930- Mather, Jas. Docker
66 The original house no longer exists
-1872- Finningley, J. Butcher
-1885-1899- Soulsby, Mrs. (relationship to Soulsby's at 93, 94, 119 & 128)
-1892- Carter, James. Boiler maker contractor (Gibson bros-)
-1910- Honigbaum, Maurice
-1920- Rush: Eustace & Ruth
-1930- Brindle, Ronald. Rullyman; Starks, Jas. labourer
The present house was a 'self build' project constructed in the mid 1980s by the present owner. 'Self building' was not as common or popular in those days. Now many people aspire to having a house they have designed themselves!
69 Originally a house, stable and coachhouse.
-1851- Rousby, Thomas (listed at no. 25 before re-numbering)
-1892-1910- Gibson, James. Colour mchnt
-1899- Gibson, William
-1920- Middleton, Mary Elizabeth (E.R.)
-1925- West Hull School for Mothers and Clinic
Alterations to West Hull Clininc - House, stable and coach house
Once known as 'Carlingford House'.
-1872-1899- Myers, George. Chemist
-1892-1920- Kerr, Francis. Master mariner
-1920-1930- Kerr: Mrs Mary Miller & William Frank
1972(beginning)-1973(end) This was the first home of the now internationally famous Hull Truck Theatre Company. Hull Truck was started By Mike Bradwell and John Lee who knew eachother from schooldays in Doncaster. After each of them had completed their further education they got together and started an unnamed Theatre company in London. They wanted to produce plays which were outside the regular theatre circuit, playing in universities, schools, pubs and clubs. this was at the time a new approach. Since London was expensive and the boys were young and hard up, they moved with the 'game' half of their theatre company to Hull. Here they found it cheaper to rent the whole of 71 than it was to rent a tiny flat in London. This gave them the opportunity of living in two of the flats whilse using the "freezing cold" attic as rehersal space. In the early months they had only a parrafin heater for warmth. The Hull Truck Theatre Company was born with the help of generous donations from some of the famous people they wrote to to ask for funding. Notable among these benefactors were Warren Mitchell and The Samuel Beckett Foundation with 50 and best wishes from each. During their brief stay in Coltman Street (around twenty months) They wrote and produced three plays, two childrens plays and a cabaret. They finally left because "they forgot to pay the rent". Even though they were gaining excellent reviews they were still a young theatre company with a tight budget!
72 -1872-1874- Ledger, H.J. Gentleman
-1885-1899- Wharwick, William Johnson
-1892- Pashby (or Pashley), Edwin Vokes. Master mariner
-1910- Collier, Robert
-1920- Green: Alfred Henry & Ethel May
-1930- Greensiff, Mrs. E.; Eyre, Mrs. Gertrude (both ladies moved from no. 61 after 1920!)
73 -1851-1874- Ellis, Henry Moorhouse. Insurance agent (no number 1863, listed @ 73 from 1865) (wholesale grocer and seedsman in 1851 census)
-1885-1899- Marshall, Thomas. Com. traveller
-1910- Hay, William
-1920- Pawson: George Heary & Mary
-1930- Waudby, Herbert Ashmore
74 -1867- Murray, Ronald Henry. Clerk
-1872- Jubb, Mrs. Thomasina
-1874- Jubb, Joseph
-1885- Lewis, William
-1892-1899- Fisher, Frederick. Accountant (for dock co)
-1910- Maude, John
-1920- Collins: John, Sarah Ellen & Charles Leadham
-1930- Elder, Joseph William. Fish merchant
75 -1867-1899- Hickman, Mr James Brodie. Clerk
-1910- Morrison, John Arthur
-1920- Hogarth: Ernest Morley & Florence
-1930- Anderson, Arthur. Motorman
76 This house may have formerly been Numbered 49 John wilson registered at 49 then at 76 after number changing- but this should be checked with caution
(possibly 1863)-1867-1874- Wilson, John. Master mariner
-1885-1899- Soustern, John
-1892- Souster, Mrs Agnes
-1910-1920- Johnson, William
-1920- Johnson, Sarah Ann
-1930- Voase, Frank N. Ironmonger
77 -1867- Smith, Jas. B. Tax surveyor
-1872- Stead, W.H. Seed crusher
-1874- Henshall, Rev. John
-1885- Lutley?, Robert
-1892- Stewart, Rev. William Risk
-1892- Parkinson, Rev. Frederick M. Wesleyan
-1899- Denton, George
1910 electoral roll has no mention
-1920-1930- Walsh, Miss Marion Agnes
78 -1867- Sherwood, Joseph. Clerk
-1872-1874- Malone, W. Builder
-1885-1899- Wilson, Mrs. Mary
-1892- Ellis, Mrs Emma
-1910- Parkinson, James Henry
-1920- Sadofsky, ???
-1930- Bilton, Ernest. School teacher
79 The original house no longer exists. This was a 'set back' house
-1867- Healey, Jane. Lodgings
-1872- Barron, W. Master mariner
-1874- Holmes, Mrs. Isabella
-1885-1899- Drury, Edward. Manager
1910-1920 Wilson, Thomas William moved here from Park Street
1920-1930- Biggins, Mrs. Alice. Baby linen dealer
Beech close built c. 1988
Temporary Photograph
80 The original house no longer exists. This was a 'set back' house
-1863-1864- Cooper, Henry (no house number in 1863)
-1867-1874- Waldron, John. Gentleman (relation to 1885 entry at 81?)
-1885- Gibson, James
-1892- Greenwood, Walter. Clerk
-1899- Hildrick, Miss
-1920-1930- Chaney, Alfred Richard Henry. Engineer
-1920- Chany, Florence; Wright, Charles
Beech close built c. 1988
Temporary Photograph
80a The original House, numbered 80 1/2, no longer exists. This was a 'set back' house
-1872- Brownsee, J. Master mariner
-1874-1899- Train, Thomas Kelsey (or Kelly). Sail maker, Albert Dock
1890-1910- Cooper, George Frederick (moved from de la Pole Ave)
-1920- Coulling: Arthur & Annie
-1930- Highley, Miss Elizabeth Mary
Beech close built c. 1988
Temporary Photograph
81 The original house no longer exists. This was a 'set back' house
-1872-1874- Leaper, W. Clerk
-1885-1899- Waldron, Mrs Mary Jane (relation of 1872 entry at no. 80?)
-1910-1920- Cumberbirch, Thomas
-1920- Cumberbirch, Sarah Beatrice & William
-1930- Kemp, John. Grocers assistant
Beech close built c. 1988
Temporary Photograph
82 The original house no longer exists. This was a 'set back' house
-1867- Lister, Edward W. Butcher
-1872- Kroenig, Rev. J.C.S.
-1874- Clarke, Robert
-1885 Ledger, Mrs.
1885-1899- Malone, Mrs Sarah. (Moved from 130 in 1885, also lived at 129 in 1892!)
-1890-1920- Schultz, Max. One of the most colourful characters to have lived in Coltman street. Max was a spy for the British in the first world war. He married Sarah Hilton in 1884 the couple had 5 children and settled in Coltman street. Max was a shipowner by trade and little is known of how he came to work for the secret service. He was arrested for running a spy ring in Germany in 1911 where he served seven years hard labour. Unfortunately, the people of Hull didn't realise what Max was doing for us and his family (as many other German Jews did at the time) suffered abuse and the house was stoned. [Have we changed much?] The family name was changed to Hilton and Max's efforts took a heavy toll on his relationships with his family. He died a broken man from the effects of excessive drinking
-1920-1930- Shultz/Hilton, Mrs. Sarah -1920- Hilton, George
-1939- Harper Family: George William J., Gertrude Hannah, Frank, Ena Lois & Ivy.
Beech close built c. 1988
Temporary Photograph
83 The original house no longer exists. This was a 'set back' house
-1867-1874- Morriss, Mrs. Sarah
-1885-1899- Barnett, Aaron
-1892- Barnett, Mr Abraham
1916 Holiness Church built.

-1920- Harwood: Lattin Richard & Elizabeth Ann
-1930- Roach, Rev. Edmund. Holiness Church Mission
2001 Bought by local resident family to stop it becoming home to a noisy or unpleasant business.
2002 (October) Bought from the family by locally resident craftsperson 2004 Bought by a local landlord to potentially use as a nursery.
1863-, no house number on W storr at this time. Present houses are not the original house on this site at this time.
-1867- Storr, William. Bacon factor
-1872-1874 Cameron, J.G. Engineer
-1885- Hildick, Miss Lucy
-1892- Thompson, Morrison (or Norrison). Builder& Joiner
-1899- Prentice, Mrs
-1910- Cutting, Henry
-1920- Harris: Gervas & Gertrude Eleanor (moved to 64 before 1930)
-1930- Hurlock, John H. assistant sec. to Hull and Sculcoates Dispensary
84a -1892-1899- Vivian, George. Secretary
-1920-1930- Stoddard, Thomas Thorley. Clerk
-1920- Stoddard: Jane Annie & Jonathan Thomas; Leary, John; Dennis, Gerald Vincent
84b -1892-1910- Stocks, James (related to No. 87?) (moved to 119 before 1920)
-1899- Temple, Mrs
-1920-1930- Shores, John William. Pattern maker
-1920- Shores, Anne & Herbert; Taylor, George William
85 - Circa 1741 Built as farm with outbuildings at 86 (according to present owner of 86)
A house on this site may have originally been numbered 15, all this as yet not proved. however pre number change John pocklington listed at number 15
-1867-1874- Pocklington, John. Gentleman
-1885-1899- Pocklington, Mrs Susannah
-1909-1910- Mortell, Henry Ramsden
(no mention 1919 Kelly's)
-1920-1929- Verity: William, Ada Alice, Herbert, Thomas & Edward Walker; Thacker, Charles Burgin
-1930- Barker, Thomas William. Commission agent
-1939- Sefton: William & Sarah Ann; Valsamas: Nicholas & Emma Maud; Potter: John & Elsie. (three families lived in this fairly small house in 1939!)
1962-1980s Anning, Horatio and Nelly (source; Granddaughter Anita now living in Canada)
86 - Circa 1741 Built as outbuildings to farm at 85 (according to present owner)
-1867-1885- Johnson, James. Clerk (White's 1867, Kelly's 1874 & 1885)
-1892-1899- Jefferson, Arthur Wellesley. Builder (Kelly's 1892/1899, Bulmers 1892)
-1910-1920- Scott, John Edward
-1920- Scott, Thomasine Wickers (E.R.)
-1930- Gillespie, William. Gardener
87 -1874- Lampler, William (White's 1874)
-1885- Cookson, Thomas (Kelly's 1885)
-1892-1910- Stocks, Frederick. Pilot (relation to nos. 87 & 84b?)
-1930- Sharpe, Cyril. Fisherman
This house became a temporary HQ for the residents association at the beginning of the 1980s, before the Community centre on Bean Street was built. In the early 1980s the preferred site for the new centre was to have been where The Mews now stands but Bellway's plans put paid to this and they were offered Bean Street or nothing at all. Unfortunately the position on Bean street made the centre totally disconnected from the very group it was meant to serve.
88 1748-1840 A series of indentures and articles (legal documents) may show that a building was already on the plot of land.
1841 Deeds for the plot show that the area probably included the land for 87 and 89 as well as 88.
-1874- Scorrer, William (White's 1874)(related to George Scorrer who built 119-121?)
-1885-1899- Carlill, Thomas
-1892- Mallinson, Mrs Maria
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920- Scott: John Frederick & Sarah Ann; Best?, Edward
-1930- Bourner, David. Dock superintendent
2002 The present house still has the original encaustic tiling and lincrusta wallpaper in the hallway, both in prime condition.
89 -1874-1899- Barron, William. Master mariner
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920-1930- Seniscal, Mrs. Ellen
90 -1867- Pickering, William. Gardener
-1885-1899- Wilkin, George. Pilot
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920-1930- Wilkin: Miss Frances Mary & Miss Kate (maternity nurse)
91 -1867- Brown, John H. Master mariner
-1872- Webster, W. Agent
-1885- Grindell, Joseph
-1892-1899- Dowsing, Mr John
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920-1930- Pearson, Joseph. Clerk
-1920- Pearson, Ellen? Matilda
92 -1874- Jones, A.E.
-1885- Work, John
-1892- Steeksma, Karl. Butcher, Meat importer, poultry merchant. Emigrated from Holland in 1886
His actual name was Klaas Sybrand Steeksma. He then Changed his name to Karel Sybrand and this was then anglicised to Karl. He married Annie Chattham and they had seven children.He died in 1907 at age 46. His son John became an Author, Publishing 3 books "working the mind" "The Writing Way" and "Philosophical Enquiry" Source:- Great Grandson of Karl, Colin Steeksma
-1899- Bowman, Walter
-1910- Collins, John
-1920- Woodcock: Frederick William and wife Johanna (de Boer, Daughter of Hessel de Boer and Jantje (Jane) Steeksma -Karel's cousin.) Source Colin Steeksma
-1930- Webster, Mrs. Mary
-1885-1899- Kirton, Mrs.
-1892- Kirton, Christopher Henry. Chemist
-1910- Vice, Abraham (moved to 51 before 1920)
-1930- Tomlin, Harry. Window cleaner
-1885-1910- Wokes, George
-1930- Jackson, Mrs. Marian
93 -1867- Smith, Ronald. Band master
-1872- Morrison, W. Brush maker
-1874- Bradley, William
-1885-1899- Soulsby, Joseph. Butter merchant (relationship with 94, 128, Mrs Soulsby at 66 & Edward Soulsby at 119 in 1885?)
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1930- Pilkington, Francis S. Foreman
94 -1867- Sage, Charles. Engineer
-1872- Darby, J. Cashier
-1885-1910- Soulsby, Mr George. Master mariner. (relationship with 93, 128,Mrs Soulsby at 66 & Edward Soulsby at 119 in 1885?)
-1920- Walker, George
-1930- Fryer, Frederick Rolan. Secretary
Rebuilt 1991. Currently owned and managed by Sanctuary Housing Association.
Unit 15 Killingbeck Drive, Leeds
95 -1867-1874- Tonge, William. (junior) Italian warehouseman
William had one cook and one general servant (1871 census).
-1885- Tonge, Arthur
-1892- Strachan (or Strong), Mrs Jessie Anderson
-1899- Strong, Mrs
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female resident
-1920-1930 Kirkus, Sarah Alice. Ran the West Hull Day Nursery as matron, from 1921 to around 1930
96 This house, or number 95 may formerly have been numbered 7- not yet proven.
1842-1869 William Tonge. Foreign Provision Merchant - An advertisement in Kelly's Directory of 1846 reads:- "Importer of Westphalia and Russia Bear Hams, Sausages, Tongues, Cranberries, Caviare, Anchovies, Macaroni and Vermicelli. A complete Pickle and Sauce Warehouse. Gentlemens Families will find the above Establishment worth their Notice, as every Article is of the best quality." His business was on Scale Lane. (in the old town)
In the 1851 census the family members were William aged 56, His wife Mary aged 48, William aged 20, Daniel aged 18, Arthur aged 15, Robert aged 13 and Thomas aged 11 (5 sons)
-1851-1872- Tonge, Robert. Italian warehouseman (son named in 1851 census, perhaps taking over business from father?). Robert had one servant in the 1871 census.
-1874- Tonge, Mrs. Robert
-1885- Richardson, Mrs.
-1892- Batty, Mr John
-1910- Dodds, William
-1920- Rhodes family: Alfred, Annie Elizabeth, Carl Thurman & Alfred Viotti; Young, Edward James
-1930- Phillips, Sydney. Sack manufacturer
97 -1867-1874- Waugh, George. Gentleman
-1885-1899- Foster, Mrs. Jane
-1892- Dunn, Mr John Parker
-1910- Copeman, Arthur
-1920-1930- Cobb, John. Foreman
-1920- Cobb, Sarah Rowson
98 -1867- Taylor, Elizabeth. Lodgings
-1872- Filmer, C. Gentleman
-1874-1899- Moran, William
-1892- Clegg, Johnathon. Inspector
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?
-1920- Berry; Thomas & Lily
-1930- Berry, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth
99 -1867-1874- Foster, Mrs. Jane
-1892- Stocks, Thomas. Humber Pilot (relation to no. 87?)
-1899- Stocks, James
-1910- Walton, Thomas Frederick
-1920- Daulton: Arthur & Myra
-1930- Whincop, Harold. School teacher
100 This house may originally have been numbered 4 This is not yet proved but Francis Tadman the younger (sometimes called Junior)appears at No 4 prior to renumbering and at 100 immediately afterwards..
1863-1874- Tadman, Francis the younger. Surveyor
-1885-1899- Tadman, Mrs. Ann*
-1891-1892- Tadman, Herbert. Timber merchant Tadman and Horwood;
His Irish housekeeper, Charlotte E Charles (55 or 65) and servant Annie (Kirby?)aged 16 yrs c.1910- Greenwood, George Walter (moved from no. 101 before 1910)
{I think this is a confusion between 100 and 102} A --> -1921-1950 Municipal Tuberculosis Dispensary
1985 Grade II Listed Building
2002 Currently Council owned
101 1846-1874- Jackson, Ralph. Wholesale grocer. (no number in 1846)
-1885- Jackson, Mrs. Martha
1891-c.1910 Greenwood, George Walter. General carrier- Greenwood Bros. <--(moved to 100 before 1910?)-->
His Family Wife Evangeline and eldest daughter also Evangeline Elizabeth 11 Plus George 11 Daisy 7 Mabel 5 Nelson 4 and Roland 2. And Elizabeth Dawson Servant.
1910- Elder, Joseph
-1920-1930- Inkson, Henry George. Fish curer
-1920- Inkson, Ellen Georgina
1985 Grade II Listed Building
2002 Currently owned and managed by Sanctuary Housing Association.
Unit 15 Killingbeck Drive, Leeds
102 "Iddesleigh House" (name no longer in use)
1846 Jeffels: Esther and Jane. Toy dealers premises 1 Market place
-1860s- Stamp, George. Solicitor
-1867-1874- Stamp, Mrs. Ann G.
-1885-1892- Dibb, Charles Henry. Seed crusher
His family as shown in 1891 census):- Harriet his wife, Ernest (19) Caroline Charles and Evelyne his children. They had 2 live in servants. Mary A Hammond (31) and Margaret Butler(17). Also resident at this time widowed Mother-in-law Annie C Dawson. -1899- Booth, John
-1910-1920 Dales, Thomas David
-1930- Dales, Thomas William. Wheelwright
Now the West Hull Liberal Club (est. 1935)
1939 Undergoes alterations and extensions
1985 Grade II Listed Building ( The listing may only apply to the stables, now in a dangerous state of disrepair)
103 Appears to have been the former Number 1 since Alfred Cuthbert Prissick appears at No 1 in 1863 before the renumbering-this is as yet speculation on my part [Angie]. -1867-1874- Prissick, Alfred Cuthbert. Corn merchant
-1885- Jackson, Julia.
-1891-1892- Williamson, James. Grocer
His family in 1891 census:- Wife Emma, Daughters Sophia Agnes Emily Susan and Isabella and son George. No live-in servants listed. -1910-1930- Shepherd, Matthew
-1920- Charlesworth, Harold
1985 Grade II Listed Building
This house was occupied by two sets of families for a time
-1885- Jackson, Mrs.
-1892- Bush, Frederick William. (relation of no.28?)
-1899- Williamson, James
103a, 1899- Jackson, Mrs
1985 Grade II Listed Building
104 -1874- Smith, Robert
-1885-1899- Lattin, John
We have no record of 104 in 1891 census

-1892- Adams, Henry J. Grocer
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant or house number gone?
-1930- Woodcock, Frederick & Son. Printers
Here is Hessle Road
105 -1872-1874- Gilbert, W. of Gilbert & Cooper
-1885- Collier, Jasper
We Have William H Adams at 105 in the 1891 census Grocer's assistant.(24) With wife Jessie. (24)
-1892-1910- Mosey, Chaloner Ogle (or Challoner, Oglis Mosey). Clerk
-1899- Neale, Thomas
-1920- Trill, Frances Beatrice
-1930- Carrall: John Prince (Marine donkeyman) & Miss Annie (costumier)
106 -1863-1865- Duncan, William Easten (no number in 1863, listed as 106 in 1865)
-1866-1871- Constable, Talbot Clifford. Gentleman
"106 Coltman St Hull
Jun 5. 1866
My coachman tells me that the Mare you got of Mr Stephenson does not suit. I have a horse he says would suit you exactly being very quiet and perfect in all kinds of harness.and one that will stand quiet anywhere a fine stepper and good looking, perfectly sound. I shall be glad to show him to you or your coachman any day you like to call and further to let you have him a few days on trial so as to ensure your being perfectly satisfied with him. Believe me sir, yours truly
Talbot Clifford Constable." (letter reproduced from St Matthews 'Link' newsletter, 1987)
The 1871 census lists the (impressively large) household as:-
Sir T. (A.?) Constable. Age 42 Baronet/Landowner, Lady T Constable. Age 40
Count Oscar de Kamienski (age 36) - Secretary (from Warsaw), James Watson (age 42) - Valet, James Thomas (age 23) - Butler, John Mercer (age 17) - Page, William Douglas (age 15) - Page, Agnes Holland (age 24) - Cook, Mary Holland (age 22) - Housemaid, Henry Donald (age 22) - Coachman
-1872- Atkinson, Rev. H.S. Curate
-1892- Bush, Frederick William, clothier
-1910-1920- Wharf, Joseph Francis
-1920-1930- Wharf, Mrs Amelia Annie.
-1920- Wharf, Henry Francis
107 -1892- Lattin, John. Inspector (genuki have at 104)
-1910-1920- Bush, Edward (note, any relative of Fred Bush formerly 106?)
-1920- Bush, Margaret
-1930- Bush, Wilfred Douglas. Clothier (and at 107a Swift, Robert. Baker)
108 -1910- Beckett, Joseph Edward
-1930- Klarik, Joseph Woolf
108a -1910- Roach, Albert
-1920- Brettell: Benjamin & Alice Letitia; Parkinson, Frank Norman
-1930- Brown, Arthur. Builder
109 -1885-1899- Edwards, Mrs Elizabeth
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant or numbers changed?
-1920- Bryant, Gertrude; Morton, Alfred
From pre-1930 Mr & Mrs Bryant (Mrs Gertrude). .....Ken Jackson of Memory Lane photographic shop on Hessle Road remembers his 'Auntie Gertie' who's first husband died in the first world war on a minesweeping mission. She subsequently re-married a Mr Bonner but her second husband does not appear in the 1930 directories (was she widowed twice?) Ken remembers that Auntie Gertie was relatively well off. When his mum had difficulty 'making ends meet' to Friday which was pay day for Ken's dad, his Mum would visit Aunt Gertie for the loan of 'half a crown'( 23p) ...Probably the equivalent to borrowing a 'fiver' now!
110 -1885-1899- Boyd, Thomas John, Smack owner/manager/foreman
-1910-1920- Raine, William Henry
-1920- Raine Family: Eliza Jane, Harry Wilkinson & Sidney
-1930- Atkinson, Oswald. Ship's chandler(j)
111 -1885-1899- Coburn ( or Cowburn), Mr Edward
-1910- Johnson, Andrew
-1920- Vinegrad: Abraham, Bertha & Caseril
112 -1885-1899- Stephenson, Abraham. Manager
-1910-1930- Bartlett, Charles Henry. Clothier
-1920- Bartlett: Selina, Ernest Frederick
Dated "1841" - possibly built by Henry Walker of 24 English Street in 1852
-1852-1876- Bartram, Mrs. Ann -
Anne had one servant in 1871 census. Her income is described as "from investment"
-1885-1930 Thirsk, Thomas. Pawnbroker 129 Hessle Road
-1920- Thirsk, Bernard
1985 Grade II Listed Building
2002 This property is currently managed by Duftons 471666
114 This house is among the earliest. Built?
1863-1872 Clark, Michael Wrangles. Outfitter(no house number in 1863)
-1874-1899- Pickering, Christopher
-1892-1910- Haldane, Samuel Leeming. Shipowner (Pickering and Haldane)
1925-1950 School clinic. Many people over fifty remember the building being used as a clinic. Most memories were of dosages of cod liver oil and malt, some were of painful tooth extractions and many remembered children having their heads shaved to cure head lice or to treat ringworm. Being painted with 'Gentian Violet' (though nobody cared to admit that they'd ever had 'nits'. Things have changed and there isn't the stigma now, that there was then. Albert,(no second name given) now in his fifties remembered buying 'ha'penny cobs' (bread buns) at the bakers round on Hessle Road, and toasting them on the electric fire in the clinic waiting room.
In the 1980s the building was used as a council regeneration office and 'show flats'.
1985 Grade II Listed Building
Council owned until ...
2012 bought for renovation
UPDATE: Has its own Facebook page now! click here
-1867- Coates, A. Tallow chandler (moved to 140 before 1872)
-1872-1874- Douthwaite, R. Timber merchant
-1885-1899- Simpson, Richard. Trawler owner, fish and ice merchant - St Andrews dock
(no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?)
-1920- Chapman, Hannah Mary
-1930- Warren, Henry. Engineer
1863-1867- Sterrick,(in 1863 listed as Steriker) Walter. Spirit merchant -1874- Fernandes, Mrs. Rachel (moved from 54 after 1872)
-1885- Johnson: William & George Gilchrist
-1892-1930- Highley, Mrs Elizabeth
117 -1863-1874- Rayner, John. Bank manager
-1885-1899- Lawrence, William Hill. Ale merchant
(no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupant?)
-1920-1930- Sugarman, Myer. Cabinet maker
-1920- Sugarman, Rose; Goulden, James Charles
in the 1960s and 70s famous campaigner for trawler safety Lil Bilocca lived here
In 1968 three trawlers, Romanus, Kingston Peridot and Ross Cleveland were lost with all hands. Lilian and other women of Hessle Road took their fight, to have it made illegal to sail without a radio operator on board, to Harold Wilson (prime Minister).
1985 Grade II Listed Building
118 -1867- Brown, Mrs. Sarah -1885- Douglas, William Birbeck
-1892-1899- Douglas, Mrs Frances
-1910-1930- Dickenson, Joseph
-1920- Dickenson, Annie
119 c.1848 James Turner bought 1131 1/2 square yards which became plots 119, 120 & 121
-1885- Soulsby, Edward (relation to Mrs. Soulsby at 66, and Soulsbys at 93/94/128?)
-1892- Arnesen, Christen (or Arnison, Mrs). Fish merchant 12 Wellington street
-1899- Roberts, William
-1910- Bolton, William
-1920- Stocks: James [moved from 84b after 1910], Mary & Cyril
-1930- Terras, Miss Isabelle
120 c.1848-1886 James Turner bought 1131 1/2 square yards, which became plots 119,120 & 121
Built circa 1876 -1885- Johnson, Francis
-1892- Johnson, George Thomas. Master mariner
-1899- Sharp, Edward
-1910- Jackson, Benjamin White
-1920-1930- Jarvis, Maude Mary - Boarding House by 1930
-1920- Dewar, James; Finch, John Halliwell; Ingram, Albert; Iveson, Donald; Scott, Frank Hope
1940s/50s ? 'Grandma' Ellen Moses (had 9 children including Hilda, Leah, Olive, Jack, Nancy, Harry, William, Doris and another boy). The family almost colonised Coltman Street in the 50s.(source-neighbour's memories)Hilda moved on to another house in Coltman street. Hilda's daughter Kathleen (now deceased) and her husband bought the house next door. Kathleen's husband and at least one of her children and several grandchildren still live in Coltman street. This means at least five generations of the same family have lived on the same street without 'breaking the chain'.
This property is currently owned and managed by Sanctuary Housing Association.
Unit 15 Killingbeck Drive, Leeds
1848-1865 Jackson, Thomas (1131 1/2 sq. yds., part of 1 close of 10 acres 1 rood 24 perches for the sum of 254.11.9d)
1865-1877 Jackson, Francis (son)
1875-1877 Turner, James. 1131 1/2 square yards, being land which became plots 119, 120 and 121 for 764.9.6d. George Robinson Scorrer built house circa 1876 (replacing older cottage?), without buying the land, then had to get Turner to sell the land and the house! Perhaps these dealings did not help Turner to avoid bankruptcy!
1877-1906 Barry, William*, Artist & Photographer, 7 & 8 Park Street, office 43 Saville Street. South half of plot with house. (original deeds)
1893-1906 Barry, William*, [North half of plot with greenhouse] (original deeds)
1906-1913 Barker, Harriet. Loaned Barry 500, taking deeds of whole plot as surety

1912 "Hull Guardians Childrens Scattered Homes" Although a highly respectable institution, marks the turning point from which the single family residential aspect of Coltman street began to change (source -Marie Housam)
1913-1936 Grunert, Richard Max
-1920- Grunert, Mary Theresa (E.R.)
1936-1955 William Max Grunert (son)
1955-1981 Longley, Albert Victor. Changed from a Fireplace manufacturer to Property dealer.
122 1853 1st July - First recorded conveyance between (1) William Duckworth, (2) George Fisher, (3) John Hewitt Galloway and (4) William Bachelor Coltman
-1863-1865- Bell, Charles Percy (Burgess rolls)
-1872- Brown, J. Gentleman
-1874- Del Banko, Caesar
1874 - Conveyance between Joseph Mewse (wholesale fruit merchant and confectioner) and James Turner (merchants clerk) for 750
1874-1887 Turner, James (Original deeds)
James Turner was a Wool Broker who used the property as guarantee against two heavy loans. Unfortunately he went bankrupt, but still acted as commission agent for the Yorkshire Banking Company limited!
1887-1917 Bradley, John. Brush manufacturer Bradley Bros
1917 15th May - John Bradley died at 122 Coltman Street. 6th June - nephew Henry Burton (butcher), of 22 Cholmley Street, granted probate
-1920- Bradley: Frank Bernard
-1920-1930- Bradley, Misses Emily, Annie and Elizabeth.
1935 Henry Burton died at The Cliff, Hessle. Midland bank granted probate
1956 10th January - Midland Bank sold property to Henry Roger Appleby (wine & spirit merchant)for 290
1956 28th November - Henry Appleby sold to Desmond Clifford Greenwood (trawler engineer) and Edith Greenwood for 500 (already paid, with a mortgage of 445 10shillings, payable at 1.10.0d per week

123 1748-1818 Land (28 acres used as tenant farming) 1818-c.1848 Land owned by Sir Thomas Coltman
-1865-1874 Hollins, John. Manager
1865-1871 Alfred Hollins, famous organist and Composer born here 11 Sept 1865 (source. 'A Blind Musician Looks Back' autobiography of Alfred Hollins)
1874-1882 Bowing, James
1882-1899- Swift, Mr John
1909 Swift, Ann
1919 Jessop, Wilfred. Commission agent. -1920-1930- Oston, John Urwin. Timber Merchant.
-1920- Oston, Jennie
Mrs Oston's niece shared her memories of spending every Saturday here with her cousins Jack and (Harry?) She remembered the rooms as they were then which hadn't changed much from the day it was built. The original french windows in the dining room which is now a kitchen. She remembered the summer house mentioned in Alfred Hollins'book. Mr Oston would keep firewood in it. She also remembered the bathroom which was located on the upper floor of the rear extension and was still in existence in 1986 (source Civic news) When the redevelopment grants were awarded this bathroom was taken out and the newspaper said it was sent to a museum.
124 1862-1899- Harker, Edward Johnson. Clerk. (deeds+)
Edward's son became British consul in Valencia.
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupants the Harker sisters continued to live here at least until the 1920s (source. 'A Blind Musician Looks Back' autobiography of Alfred Hollins)
-1920- Harker, Jane
-1930- Moses, Mrs Ellen.
125 -1863-1867- Gray, William. Corn merchant (no number in 1863, listed at 125 from 1865)
-1872- Sage, C. Engineer
-1885-1920- Drury: Wallace & Edward Wallace.
-1910- Denniss, Alfred
-1920- Drury, George Herbert
-1930- Hall, William. Boiler scaler
126 1863-1867- Robert(s), George C. Solicitor
-1872-1874- Taylor, John Frederick. Seed merchant
-1885-1899- Foster, Mr George
-1910- Slater, Walter Dawson
-1920- Stephenson: Mary Elizabeth, Francis John & Robert
1930-no mention in Kelleys
127 -1885- Woods (or Wood), Mrs. Sarah Ann.
-1892- Reynard (or Renard), Mr Thomas Jackson (see 128)
-1899- Brown, Thomas Kirke
-1910- Bradley, John Henry
-1920-1930- Soulsby, Henry Richard. Master mariner. (Note relationship to Frederick Wm next door in 1892 ?)
-1920- Soulsby, Margaret
128 -1885- Renard, Thomas (see 127)
-1892- Soulsby, Frederick Wm. (or Frederick Richard). Master mariner (relation to 66, 93, 94 & 119)
-1899- Renard, Thomas
-1910-1930- Grindell, Joseph (moved from 130 after 1892)
-1920- Coulson, John William (E.R.)
2002 This property is currently managed by Duftons 471666
129 1867-1899- Lotherington, John Flint. Gentleman (relationship to R. Lotherington of 1844-1855+ & William L. of 61 in 1867?)
The Lotherington family were property developers
1892- Malone, Mrs Sarah (moved from 130 to 82 in 1885, was also living at 82 between 1885 & 1899!)
-1920- Welbourne, Emma; Pennington, George; Harper, Edwin; Stephenson, George (E.R.)
-1910- Hadfield, John
This property is currently managed by Duftons 471666
130 -1867- Hought, Mosey. Merchant
-1872-1874- Medd, R. Tailor
18??-1885 Malone, Mrs. (moved to 82 in 1885, then to 129 in 1892
-1892-1899- Grindell, Joseph. Cashier clerk (moved to 128 before 1910)
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupants?
-1920-1930- Gibson, James Elphinston. Traveller
-1920- Gibson: Janet Gilchrist & Douglas William
Currently managed by an independent landlord
131 -1867-1903- Jeff, Mrs Mary
Mrs Jeff appears to have been involved in property development in the area, indeed the 1871 census records her income "from property". At this time she had one servant.
-1872-1892- Jeff, Miss Ann
-1885- Jeff, Richard Hunter
-1910- Awty, Arthur; Pratt ??
-1910-1930- Pratt, George Edward.
-1920- Pratt, Henrietta; Roberts, Harry
Currently owned and managed by Blue Bell Estate Agents 333160. They assure us the property will soon be renovated and available to rent.
1863-1867 Drant, William. Gentleman (property speculator) (no number in 1863, listed @ 132 from 1865)
William Drant had connections with J Lotherington. Both their names appear on the plans for a house for a T. Storr on the east side of Coltman Street, dated 1862.(source M.H.). The property referred to could be number 62 br> -1872- Shaw, J. Wine and spirit merchant
-1885-1899- Scorrer, George Robinson. Manager (moved to 141 before 1910). May have caused associates difficulties - see No.121.
-1910- Windsor-Smith, Richard
-1920- Lyon: William Drant & Mary Elizabeth
-1930- Warshawsky, Rev. Abraham. Rabbi
-1990s-2002- This house is now in private hands and will shortly be renovated into a family home
133 Built 1850 (source - present owner)
-1867- Woodall, J. Tobacco manufacturer
-1872-1874- Tomlin, Edward J. Yeast merchant (moved to 134 before 1885)
-1885- Haldane, John
-1892- Pentith, John Fras. Com. traveller
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupants
-1920- Cusworth: Joseph Auckland & Ethel Mary
-1930- Johnson, Wm. Motor radiator Manufacturer
2002-This house is in the process of being restored by its present owner
134 -1867-1872- Knowles, R.J. Master mariner
-1874- Hay, Jonathon
-1885-1920- Tomlin (or Tomalin), Edmund Johnson, yeast importer (moved from 133 after 1874)
no mention 1910 electoral roll
-1920- Tomlin, Wilfred (E.R.)
No mention in 1930 Kelleys
1939 Smith & Nephew In the early eighties this house was used for illicit late night drinking etc! 1999-2002-This house is currently derelict. The present owner had intentions of restoring it but has yet to do so.
135 -1872-1899- Pearson, William. Yeast importer, Wellington Street
-1874- Pearson, Edward
-1910- Westoby, Joseph Ernest
-1920-1930- Clark, Joseph Francis. Draper
-1920- Clark, Letty
2002 Restored by its present owner
136 -1872-1874- Turner, James. Clerk
-1885-1899- Luck, Richard
1892- Luck, Mrs Louisa
-1910-1930- King, Jesse. Plumber
-1920- King, Harriette Anna & Jesse the younger
137 -1872-1874- Rymer, H. Clerk
-1885-1899- Lindsey, Thomas. Chief engineer
-1910-1920- Harrison, Walter.
-1920- Harrison, Annie
-1930- Beecroft, Cyril. Tobacconist
138 Built 1866 as part of Calvert terrace. -1872-1874- Hopwood, F.A. Agent to Ind, Coope, & Co., brewers
-1885-1899- Sykes, Joseph Cottam. General merchant
no mention 1910 electoral roll, female occupants?
-1920- Turndale?, Mary
-1930- Doughty, Harry.
139 Built 1866 as part of Calvert Terrace.
-1872-1874- Staples, James. Timber merchant
-1885-1910- Troostwyk, Benedictus. Provision merchant
-1920- Thomas: Samuel & Freda. It seems likely that these were the parents of the famous brothers Ralph (born Coltman street August 10 1915.) and Gerald. Both became comedy Film Directors. Ralph produced the famous 'Doctor in the house' series. Gerald was responsible for some of the 'Carry on' films.
-1930- Manley, George B. Skipper
140 Built 1866 as part of Calvert Terrace.
-1872-1899- Coates, Alfred Edmund. Tallow chandler (moved from 115 after 1867)
1885-1892- Coates, Mrs Damaris
-1910-1930- Johnson, Arthur Samuel. Cashier
Currently owned and managed by Sanctuary Housing Association.
Unit 15 Killingbeck Drive, Leeds
Built 1866 by Benjamin Mills of Cogan street for Mr Appleby The name 'Calvert Terrace' is a family name. The original plans were for only three houses but four managed to be built - 138 to 141!
1866-1899- Appleby, Robert Calvert, clerk HM Customs and property developer responsible for 138-141
-1910- Scorrer, George Robinson. Property developer between 1873 & 1876 was responsible for 11 houses of the smaller terraced variety which were becoming standard on Coltman street at this date. (source Marie Housam) Moved from 132 after 1892.
-1920-1930- Scorrer, Mrs Harriet
142 -1867- Cameron, J.G. Engineer
-1872- Routledge, E. Clerk; Brown, H. House and estate agent
-1874- Daulton, James L.
-1885- Daulton, Mrs.Hannah.
At this time single or widowed ladies were recorded seperately on the Burgess rolls (in order to pay rates) but did not have the right to vote
-1892-1899- Hodge, William**. Timber merchant
-1910- Fish, George.
-1920-1930- Fish, Mrs Alice Ann. (By this time women could vote and therefore would be listed whether or not they were 'head of the household' in this case it seems likely that Alice Fish was the widow of George)
143 -1867- Parkinson, John
-1874- Brown, Henry
-1885- Akrigg, George
-1892- Hind, Mrs Margaret Ann
-1899- Kerr, Frank. Master mariner
-1910- Gillard, George William Stephen
-1920- Buxton: Helena & William; Harrison, Mabel; Manston, Alfred Ernest Henry
-1930- Mumby, Douglas. Fish Merchant.
144 -1885-1910- Boddy, William Henry. Com.traveller
-1920- Ford: James & Adelaide
145 -1885- Dickinson, Herbert
-1892-1930- Brook(s), William. Inspector (of board Schools)
-1920-1939- Brook, Emily Elizabeth (wife of William above?)
-1920- Brook, Vernon Airey
-1939- Brook, Elsie Mary (daughter of William or wife of Vernon?)
no mention in 1945 Burgess records
2002 - Now known by some as the House of the Blues because two blues musicians and one Blues afficionado live here. King Rollo, Freddy James freddy-james .com and Steve Swales former Harmonica & Didgeridoo player& blues promoter (among other things!) We also currently have at least two other blues musicians living on Coltman Street.
146 -1892- Spence, Richard Henry. Clerk
-1910- Bradshaw, Percy
-1920- Baxter: Robert & William Robert
-1930- Shann: Mrs Emily & Walter Albert (son?....woman listed first). Dental mechanic
-1945- House in multiple occupation
147 -1892- Roberts, Hector Wiles. Engineer
-1910-1920- Spence, George (could be son of Mr Spence formerly 146?)
-1920-1930- Spence, Mrs Mary Houlton
-1920- Spence, George Henry (son?)
147a Originally part of 147 double fronted house, built circa 1880
-1910- Trill, Samuel Robert
-1920-1930- Jackson, William Rly.(Reiley?)Inspector
-1920- Jackson, Matilda
Here is Gee Street Pillar box
148 -1892- Dalton, Frederick. proprietor, Daltons Laundry
-1899- Lutar's French Laundry, proprietor Frank William Lutar
-1910 Reed, James moved from Regent Street
-1920-1930- Reed, Adonis Victor. Grocer.
-1920- Reed, Elizabeth Ann
Now 'Terry's' shop. Run for many years until 2000 by Terry Smirk.-still known as Terry's. I (Angie) designed and painted the sign back in 1986 or 87.(the style and colours were meant to look a bit like a Yorkie bar) Because I was on state benefits at the time I was paid a box of groceries for the job. Terry has now retired but the sign still remains in 2002 - fifteen years later. I think he got his money's worth!
149 There is no 149. This was possibly a mistake when 148 was built and numbered, as the plot number was reserved for what became Gee street. During the renumbering some time between 1864 and 1865 the street was unusually numbered consecutively including the empty plots. 148 came after 147 at the other side of Gee street but in order later to match up the numbers next door was numbered 150 (it's original plot number) and so on. 148 (Terry's shop) really should be 149.
-1899- Lamplugh, Mrs
150 -1892- Robinson, Samuel
-1892- Mellor, Mrs Annie
-1892- Giekie, Rev. C J., curate, St. Matthews
-1910- Schumm, Charles Henry
-1920- Schumm, Fanny; Shaw: Alfred Frederic, Harry William & William
-1930- Gerstein, Hyman. Tailor
151 Built around 1900. Among the last houses built on what was formerly the Criterion cricket ground.
-1910-1920- Heald, Herbert
-1920- Heald, Annie; Scorrer?, Arthur
-1930- Miller, Revd. Louis. Rabbi
152 Built around 1900. Among the last houses built on what was formerly the Criterion cricket ground.
-1910- (no mention - female occupant? or none)
-1920- Marchant: William John & Charlotte
-1930- Lodge, George. (junior)
153 Built around 1900. Among the last houses built on what was formerly the Criterion cricket ground.
-1910- Bush, Frederick William
-1920- Levine: Isaac & Miriam
154 Built around 1900. Among the last houses built on what was formerly the Criterion cricket ground.
-1910- Archer, Henry
-1920-1930- Hayes, Mrs Abigail (relation to John Hayes at 155?)
-1920- Hayes, William Ernest
Here is Cholmley street
155 Built around 1900. Among the last houses built on what was formerly the Criterion cricket ground during the 1870s.
-1910- Hayes, John William (relation to the Hayes at 154?)
156 -1910- Drury, John Neville
-1920- Hinton: Ernest George & Esther
-1930- Watson, James. Fisherman
157 -1910-1920- Norfolk, John William (related to 160?)
-1920- Norfolk: Rhoda Stephenson & John Henry; Suddaby, Henry Stephenson (presumably related to Rhoda)
-1930- Wood, James R. Works manager
158 -1910-Female?
-1920-1930- Hutton, Mrs Annie; Kean, Clara
159 -1910- Batty, Thomas Thorpe
-1920- Chatterton: Edgar, Florence Margaret & Harold
-1930- Simmons: John Charles, Emily Ethel & John Arthur; Slaney; Ivy
160 -1867-1899- Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth
-1885-1899- Thompson, Miss Eliza (ladies' school)
-1910- Norfolk, Arthur Edward (related to 156?)
-1920- Gamen?: Stanley George & Alice
-1930- Petch: Rudolph Henry Frederick Theodore (Schoolmaster) & Muriel
161 -1867- Medd, Ralph. Tailor
-1872- Rutherford, F. Draper
-1874-1899- Clifford, Thomas A. Broker
-1910- Plummer, Charles Ernest
-1920- Wood: James Robert & Wilhelmina
-1930- Robinson, Thos. Moulder
162 -1867-1872- Storry, H. Spendlove. Gentleman
-1874-1885- Foster, Mrs. Jane
-1892-1899- Sykes, Mr Matthew
-1920- Whitaker: Rachel, Cyril & Henry Welburn
-1930- Pullen, Jn. Bacon roller
163 -1867- Hopwood, Alfred
1870-1887 Redmore, Henry. Artist
-1871-1899- Redmore, Mrs Ann
1871 Census has the Redmore family listed as:-
Henry Redmore, Marine Artist aged 49. Anne Redmore, aged 42
Emily, aged 16, Edward aged 11 (who also became an artist, though not as successful as his father)
and their servant Seline Harding aged 15
There is a blue civic plaque to commemorate Henry Redmore's residence.
-1910- Best, John
A neighbour (from No 11) remembers Mr Best (*not sure if father or son) as "a nice young man".
-1920-1930- Clayton, Agnes Maud Mary
164 -1865-1867- Boston, James (no 113 in 1863)
-1872- Bee, W. Clerk
-1885-1899- Kemp, Mr George
-1910- Murphy, James Alexander
-1920- Dodds: William & Jane
-1930- Noble, Misses Clara and Sara Jane.
Currently owned and managed by Sanctuary Housing Association.
Unit 15 Killingbeck Drive, Leeds
165 -1865- Storry, Ellen *.
-1867-1872- Birch, George S. Ship smith
-1874- Storry, Henry S.
-1885-1899- Storry, Miss
-1892- Woods, Mrs Frances Annette
-1910- Boxall, George Frederick
-1920- Boxhall Family: Charles Frederick, Rebecca & Charles Frederick the younger
-1930- Marlow: Henry Richardson (Collector) & Beatrice Martha; Southwood: Florence & Monica
166 This house no longer exists. It was pulled down possibly in the early 1980s as part of the regeneration as it was derelict. The Building company bought up the land and part of the back gardens of neighbouring houses and constructed Wesley court. So called presumably to commemorate the Wesleyan chapel which was once situated opposite.
1863-1872- Reed, Thomas Lister. Clerk/manager
-1874- Scott, Robert
-1885- Good, William
-1892-1920- Nettleton, William. Cab proprietor
-1910- no mention on the Burgess rolls. Since Ada Nettleton is listed later it is reasonable to assume that Mr Nettleton may have died by 1910
(question... was plot 167 (missing number) a stables/garage for Mr Nettleton's cabs?)
-1920-1930- Nettleton, Mrs Ada Elizabeth
-1867-1885- Baxter, Richard. Corn merchant
-1892- Wiley, Edwin Frederic. Corn merchant
-1899- Edwards, Matthew
-1910-1920- Smith, Arthur Albert
-1920- Smith, Lilian Hughes
-1930- not listed ...? Before the second world war this house was used as a social club fot Amos and Smith Ltd, an engineering firm specialising in trawlers.(source M.H.) A piece of land behind these buildings was known as 'Ackoes' (the origin of this name is lost). The Fire brigade had an AFS training tower here during the war. Some of this land still remains empty and was known, at least into the 1980s, by local children as 'little Ackoes'. One ex resident suggested that the name could have come about because it was the place where a boy from Gee Street called Atkinson 'Akoe' and his 'gang' played. 1985 Grade II Listed Building
169 -1863- Thorp David (possibly previously No 27 but 169 may have had that number) -1867- Appleby, Robert Calvert. Customs
-1872- Thorp, Mrs. Ann
-1874- Weddall, Charles. Engineer
-1885- Dryden, John (master mariner)
-1892- Richardson, George Wm. Confectioner
-1899- Shaw, Thomas
-1910- Pearlman, Benno
-1920- Hall: Samuel & Rhoda Emma
-1930- Waterworth: Gordon James (Shop inspector) & Vanda Jane (related to 170?)
170 -1863-1867- Beeton, James (@ No26 old numbers)
It seems likely that the original house number was 26 rather than that Mr Beeton moved as this house is definitely one of the earliest built and displays simulated stone blocks on the lower half of the building (known as pargetting) popular in Georgian - very early Victorian times. I believe an attempt has been made to reproduce this effect on the first floor but this may not be original.
-1872- Woddall, C. Cashier
-1885- Carson, Robert (chief engineer)
-1892-1899- Mcfarlane, John (or James), com.traveller
no mention in 1910
-1920-1929- Waterworth, Harold. Chemist's Manager (related to 168?)
-1920- Waterworth, Clara
-1930?-1945- Boguslavske Family: Joseph, Gertrude, Fanny, Jessie, Rebecca & Sadie
171 -1867-1874- Mitchell, George G. Gentleman
-1885-1899- Park, John Edward
-1892- Johnson, Charles Herbert, ship broker
1910- O'Hara, John
-1920- Harding: Edward Astley & Ada
-1930- Christian: Alexander & Julia
172 -1867- Moxon, Major W. Merchant
-1872-1874- White, Thomas. Gentleman
-1885- Hodge, William**
-1892-1899- Gill, Francis. Canvasser
1910-1930- Parker, David Hopper. Master mariner moved from Alliance Ave 1910
-1920-1930- Parker, Agnes Smith
173 -1867-1899- Newstead, Mr Thomas Holmes. Gentleman
1910- no mention ...female?
-1920- Beecroft, Elizabeth
-1930- Richardson, Mrs Violet Ottoline Mason; Nettleton: William Sidney & Doris; ??, Joe
174 Double fronted house which was badly damaged when Bean street suffered a direct hit from a landmine and subsequently demolished. For many years the site was left derelict until 'The Gardens' were developed in the late 1980s
1860-1872- Desforges, Charles. Wholesale grocer - J Desforges and Son- (no number in 1863, listed as 174 from 1865)
In the 1871 census the Desforges family were listed as having three servants. A cook, a housemaid and a nursemaid.
-1874-1910- Des Forges, Mrs Elizabeth
-1885-1899- Des Forges, Henry George (son of above?)
-1920- Burton family: Henry, Mary Isabella, Fred & George Herbert
-1930- Goldstone: Martha, Bert, Beatric &, Helen; O'Keefe, Doris. House Furnishers (moved from 181 after 1920?)
Goldstones was a large shop in the centre of town (on Carr Lane?) Not surprisingly the Goldstone family were "well off". Aubrey Coopland, who's mother was a milliner, says he remembers his mother telling him about the expensive hats the family would buy. The Goldstone family are now scattered around the country but according to 'our sources' there is to be a wedding in the family this year in Hull. Congratulations to the happy couple!
175 This House no longer exists
A House plan dated May 9th 1859 was for a single fronted house with a bay window.
-1851-1867- Pauling, Henry D. Shipping agent (no number given in 1851)
-1851-1899- Pauling, Mrs Mary
-1851-1899- Pauling, George
In the 1851 Census the Family were listed as:-
Henry Dopkin Pauling aged 43 & Mary Pauling Aged 43
Robert, 22 (railway clerk), William aged 19 (steam packet clerk), Fanny aged 15, Francis aged 13, Mary aged 9, George aged 7, Jane aged 5, Catherine aged 4 and Helena aged 2. (9 children in all)
They also had two house servants.
-1851-1885- Pauling, Francis
-1885-1899- Pauling, William Henry
-1892- Pauling, Misses
1910-1920- Pauling, Robert
-1930-1939 Pauling, Misses Lily and Catherine. Was Lily yet another child born after the 1851 census or grandchildren/relations of 199?
(in 1936 Helena Pauling was listed as living at number 175 - Source M.H.)
The House suffered severe damage when a landmine hit Bean street and was subsequently demolished. The house had been in the same family for around 85 years.
176 -1867-1874- Jackson, Samuel B. Agent
-1885-1910- Jeff, George. School master
-1920- Goldstein, Jacob
-1930- Rawlinson, Mrs Lily
1863 Screeton Thomas- This house could have been numbered 14 originally - not proved. This entry may need checking
-1867-1899- Screeton, James. Bookbinder/Printer
-1920- Bairstow: Walter Charles & Elizabeth
-1930- Brown, Cyril. Tailor [Aubrey Coopland, from the then Cooplands carpet shop on Hessle Road, remembers delivering an expensive 19s 6d (just under a pound) rug to Mrs Brown and she gave him "the tanner for a tip" (an old sixpence. Of course to young Aubrey this was a generous tip, for which he was very grateful. However the problem came when he took the whole pound note back to his dad. Dad wasn't too keen on handing over the change to his eager son!]
178 -1867- Dodson, Rev. Aquilla
-1872- Ward, J. Clerk
-1892- Doulton (or Dalton [as at 148]), Mrs Hannah
1910- Female?
-1920-1930- Barker, Robert Henry. Toy dealer.
179 -1867-1899- Holmes, Mr Thomas. Gentleman
1910- Female?
-1920- Holmes: Henry & Amelia
-1930- Turner, Mrs Ethel
1985 Grade II Listed Building
180 -1863-1865- Douner, Charles Henry (no number in 1863, listed @ 180 in 1865)
-1867-1892- Tadman, Mrs. Sarah Jane
1872-1874- Sherwood, G. Gentleman (tenant?)
-1892- Jackson, Mrs.
-1899- Barnfather, Charles
1910- Female? no electoral listing
-1920- Feetam, Betsy
-1930- Perls, Mrs M; Holmes, Percy. Electrician (lodger?)
-1939- Rubenstein Family: Annie & Hyman; Lipman Family: Leonard & Hilda
1985 Grade II Listed Building
181 1863-1867- Stead, William Empson. Solicitor
-1872-1874- Greenwood, George. Commercial agent
-1885-1899- Raven, George. School master, taught at 201 -1867-1892-
-1910-1920- Goldstone, Harry
-1920- Goldstone: Martha, Frank, Bert, Mark & Percy (moved to 174 before 1930?)
-1930- Garside, Frederick Hugh. Cutler
-1939- Bentley: Abraham, Jane Elizabeth & Miriam
1985 Grade II Listed Building
182 1846-1857 Forrester, Charles
Charles Forrester had a Jewellery and gold and silver plating business at 67 Whitefriargate. Among his specialisms listed (Kelly's 1846) "Mourning Orders Executed on shortest notice" Mourning jewellery was very popular at this time and often contained a lock of the deceased loved one's hair.
-1867-1885- Forrester, Mrs. Ann (presumably Charles' widow?)
-1874- Forrester, Henry
1892-1930- Gorwood, Charles, cashier
-1899- Morfitt, George Gilyott
-1920-1939- Gorwood, Agnes Mary
-1920- Wood, Basil Herman
-1939- Gorwood, Agnes Eileen
-1967-c.2002 Wheeler family
1985 Grade II Listed Building
183 -1851- Abraham, Mr Edward? (source - deduction from 1851 Whites, placement between John Fountain and Charles Forrester)
-1867-1872- Abraham, Mrs. Mary
-1874- Stephenson, J.B. Clerk
-1885-1899- Minnitt, Miss Sara
-1892- Nightingale, William. Prov. merchant
1910- female?
-1920- Shepherd, Mary
-1930-1939- Stephenson, Frederick Hugh. (commercial traveller
-1930- Stephenson, Elsie Phyllis
-1930-1939- Stephenson, Lily Isabel; Walmsley, Margaret Ann
1985 Grade II Listed Building
This house was originally number 6 (source 1851 Whites-John Fountain) 1845-1851 Alderman John Fountain, a prominent member of the council for almost forty years, occupied Fountain Villa
John Fountain was by trade a "Foreign Fruit Merchant" His advertisement in 1846 Kelly's Directory describes his wares as "Barcelona nuts, Oranges and Lemons etc." and he was also an agent for "Yarmouth, scotch and North sea Herrings."
1863-1867 Cutt, William. Woollen draper. "House and coach house" (No number in 1863, listed @184 from 1865 )
-1872-1874- Stratten, Thomas (or J.) General dealer
-1885-1899- Harland, Mr John
1910- no electoral listing female?
-1920-1939- Brewer: John William & Jane Annie
-1939- Brewer, Constance
by the 1950s(?) this house was in flats with only occasional tenants. No long term tenancies (source- neighbours reminiscence).
1985 Grade II Listed Building
185 -1851- Binney, Mordecai. Corn Merchant (address number, source- Marie Housam)
-1867- Watson, William
-1872-1874- Sanderson, J.W. Ale & porter merchant
-1885- Read, William Johnson
-1892-1899- Smith, George. Agent
-1910- Exlew, Charles Edward
-1920- Coker: Harry & Ellen Cowley; Bell, Edward
-1930- Walker, Miss Alice Maud; Greig, Charles
-1930-1939- Walker, Edith Mary
-1939- Mauston, Alice Ann
-1945-late 80s Mr & Mrs Heidstra and their family (source-family member)
1980s - 2002 Kedrupje Buddhist retreat. For details view
1985 Grade II Listed Building

Emily Suddaby - daughter of Samuel Josiah Suddaby.

-1867-1889- Suddaby, Samuel Josiah. Collector of Rates to the Hull Corporation

His Family Wife Clara and latterly children Eldest son Beddell (age 17 in 1879 & who was at that time a solicitors articled clerk), and daughters Emily (pictured) Kate and Ethel.
-1892-1899- Brodie, Mrs Martha
1910- no mention in electoral roll. Still Martha Brodie?
-1930- Manston, Mrs Alice Ann; Booth, Elsie May
1950s?- Burgess family who had 4 children (source - neighbour's reminiscence)
1985 Grade II Listed Building

187 1851-1865 Bores, William
William Bores was a factory owner. His works were on Robert Street and he had an office at 63 Myton Gate. His trade was in vegetable oils and he manufactured soaps,lubricants and paints. (a Bores (Relation?) @ No 1 in 1867)
-1867-1874- Bores, Mrs. Elizabeth
-1885- Hornby, Robert
-1899- Blagburn, John
-1892- Minns, George. Commcl traveller
1910- female?
-1920-1939 Hume family: Samuel (clothier) & Nellie
-1930-1939 Hume, Mary
-1930- Hume Family: Neville & Samuel Leslie
-1939- Hume Family: Dennis & Janet?
188 Castle House
(Built 1862?)
-1851-1885 Peck, Michael Charles. painter (Printer?)& Stationer (and property developer - source Marie Housam) responsible for the building of 14, 15, 16, 17, 189 and 190 in 1862 (related to Robert Peck?).
-1892-1899- Peck, Mrs.
-1920-1930- Peck, Arthur Gilbert
-1930- Peck, Alice Mary; Welter, Richard Hugh Petch
189 Built 1862 - developer Michael Peck (who lived at 188). He also had 14,15,16,17 & 190 built.
-1867- Boden, William. Timber merchant
-1872-1874- Priest, Robert. Ship broker (related to 192?)
-1885- Needler, Michael
-1892-1899- Thornton, Mr Sidney
1910- Griffin, Alfred Sydney
-1920-1939- Ramsey: George Brooke (ropemaker) & Emma
-1930-1939- Ramsay, Ernest
190 Built 1862-developer Michael Peck (who lived at 188). He also had 14,15,16,17 & 189 built.
-1867- Clark, Thomas. Tailor
-1872- Winter, C. Ship broker
-1874- Kirton, Richard B.
-1885- Kirton, Joseph Bishop
-1885-1899- Kirton, Mrs Elizabeth
1910- female
-1920- Duan: Minnie & Edward Sidney; Penrose, Walter Stanley
-1930- Priestman: Harold Dent & William Dent
-1930-1939- Selle: Harry (Cargo Superintendant) & Annie
-1939- Selle, Jessica?; Thompson, Walter
191 -1867- Coulthard, John. Merchant
-1872-1899- Fawcett, Joseph Robinson. Gentleman
1892- Thornton, Mr Joseph Robinson
1910- female?
-1920-1930- Fawcett: Thomas (commission agent), Clara, Walter & Harry Roberts
-1930- Fawcett, Thomas Clarence; Richardson: Hubert Victor & Cecilia
192 -1867- Allan, William. Engineer
-1872- Priest, J. Ship broker (related to 189?)
-1874- Gibb, John. Master mariner
-1885-1899- Mitchell, Mr Edward Hind
-1910-1920- Stephenson, Thomas
-1920- Stephenson: Annie Marsh & Thomas Elder
-1930-1939- Bolton: Robert Thorley & Annie Elizabeth
-1930- Bolton, Muriel; Shepherdson, Julia
-1939- Parkes, Hilda
193 -1867- Locking, William. Gentleman
-1872- Hodge, W.** Gentleman
-1874-1899- Hodge, Mrs Elizabeth (aka Bessie/Betsy)
1910-1930- Brekke, Lars Peter
-1920- Brekke, Olive Tommasina (wife of Lars?)
-1920-1930- Brekke, Lorentz Olive
-1930- Brekke, Edith Bargliot; Murray, Clara
194 This house is set well back from the frontage
-1867-1885- Hopps, William
-1899- Saunderson, William Ashton. Commercial traveller
-1910- Davidson, Robert
-1920- McLardy, Emma; Snowdon, Anthony Charles
-1930- Bayes family: William Barr & May Theresa; Foottit, Gertrude Eugene
196 -1892-1899- Ross, Mrs Annie
1910-1930- Johnston, George Gilchrist
-1920-1930- Johnson: Sarah Kate Emily & Donald William (secretary)
-1920- Johnson: Alan Gilchrist & James Howard
-1930- Bellamy, Gertrude
197 -1885-1899- English, William P.
-1892- Howlid, Sevrin Olai. Merchant
1910- Kirton, Christopher Henry
-1920- Kirton: Julia & Stanley Theobald
-1930- Mettrick, Walker
-1930- Hall, Reverend Albert Francis. Wesleyan
This House has now been named 'English House' after William English who lived here in the late nineteenth century.
198 -1872-1874- Murray, R.H. manager
-1885- Wilkinson, William
-1892-1899- Symons, Alderman John. Silversmith
1910- no mention, female?
-1920- Hulbert: Charles Howard & Mary Bell
-1930- Bowen Family: John S., Elizabeth Illingworth, John & Margaret
199 -1872-1899- McKinna, David. Paper merchant
-1910-1920- Pauling, Arthur
-1920- Pauling, Emily (related to 175?)
-1930-1939- Murphy: James Alexander (fancy goods dealer), Florence, Florence May & Dorothy
-1939- Murphy: Gladys & ?? Lilian
A neighbour (from no 11) remembers the Murphys had 4 daughters.
200 -1867-1899- Underwood, Mrs. Ruth
-1885- Underwood, Helen
-1892- Underwood, Mr William Berkeley
-1920- Jackson: Jonas & Blanche
The Old Mission House
-1867-1899- Boys' School: Raven, George. (Lived at 181 c. 1885-1899.)
-1930-1939- Warr, Reverend Walter M A; Warr, Ellen Hunt - listed as Mission House
We have a Smith, Charles Frederick. listed with no house number in 1863
We have a Robert Bean the elder living at Coltman street (no number) in 1861

c. 1892 Wellsted Street has only four houses; Bacheler, Kings Bench, Queensgate Streets not mentioned. Saner Street has estate agent, gardener and cowkeeper.

1892 Town Councillors - R. Simpson (retires 1892), W.Jackson (retires 1893), R.T. Vivian (retires 1894) William Henry Wellsted is borough magistrate

1891 The Grocers shop at the corner of Gee and Wellsted st (now no. 39 Gee St.) belongs to Thomas Walsh aged 61, his wife Mary aged 60 and his three children William (Watchmaker)aged 21, Marianne (schoolmistress)aged 29, and Margaret (no occupation listed) aged 27.

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2002-One resident who has lived here 40 years says when he first visited in his courting days he used to walk on the street because he wouldn't have dared to walk on the pavement for fear of being told off by the 'posh people' in the houses