A Brief History of Coltman Street (History originally compiled by R Hamilton)

Pre 1748 Robert Sanderson is tenant farmer on 3 Closes of land (approximately 28 acres) belonging to William Lister.
1748 20th & 21st June - Indenture of lease and release between William Lister, Grace Bielby, reverend Thomas Wakefield and Thomas Bowman. William Lister, in consideration of 2000 to be paid to him on his coming marriage to Grace Bielby, and the receipt of 10s. from Rev. Wakefield (married to Lister's sister Jane) and John Bowman, released to Wakefield and Bowman - "All those three Cl9oses and Meadows and Pasture Ground, lying in the Lordship of Myton, within the County of the Town of Kingston upon Hull, and lying near the walls of the said town, containing, by estimation 28 Acres or thereabouts, be the same more or less, and then in the tenure or occupation of Robert Sanderson, together with the appurtenances, And the reversion &c. And all the estate &c..."
1771 John Outram of Kilham and Peter Nevill of Benningholme Grange, both in the county of York, appointed Commissioners for 'An Act for Dividing and Inclosing a certain common pasture called Myton Carr in the Lordship of Myton, in the parish of Holy Trinity, in the town and county of the town of Kingston upon Hull' - 200 acres (less 30 acres of moor and marsh (Great and Little Myton Ings)). ' . . . Commissioners shall either reserve and allot a sufficient way or road to the coomon pound or pinfold . . . '' . . . all public highways or roads so to be set out, shall be of the breadth of sixty feet at the least, between and exclusive of the ditches . . . ' [Wilson-Barkworth Collection]. Walter Strickland and the vicar of Holy Trinity entitled in moieties to the tythes of the carr. Northern end of Coltman Street possibly part of enclosures owned by Thomas Broadly, Goulton or John Jarrett gentleman (abutting onto Anlaby Turnpike). Wold Ings western boundary.
1817 Coltman Street area undeveloped open fields and marshland.
1837 The bend in Coltman Street at the Anlaby Road end marks the point where the field boundaries of Myton Carr converged and altered course. "Wesley Court (1990) is a revival of a former terrace name". [Markham] Revd. Joseph Coltman (born 1775), a Beverley clergyman, died 19th June. His property passed to his brother Sir Thomas Coltman, a judge, who named it 'in compliment to his father'. The Coltmans were a wealthy landowning 19th century family. "The family owned land which was ripe for development at a time when the town was experiencing a massive increase in population and decided that it would be more profitable to turn fields into streeets.There is a cornerstone on a wall Coltman street had the finest residences and proudly bore the family name. Bacheler Street honours a family into which the Coltmans married , and King's Bench Street and Queensgate Street were named after Coltman addresses in London".
1841 Several prestigious houses built. Patricks Ground Lane becomes Hessle Road on 1842 map, Southern part of Gallows Lane and Pinfold Lane (where gallows were situated) become Great Thornton Street and Waverley Street.
1869 West of Coltman Street stiil almost entirely marshland and open fields. Bacheler Street, Kings Bench Street, Queensgate and Saner Street were developed at this time.
1893 Fully Developed (except Saner and Wellsted Streets). Double tram lines on Anlaby Road, single tram line down Hessle Road. Trinity Church (Wesleyan Methodist) sited circa Nos.39 to 47. Trinity Church and no.114 only bench marks - Coltman Street still rural area.
1906 Coltman Street surrounded by suburban streets. Western boundary of city extends beyond Hawthorn Avenue.
1910 More bench marks appear, Coltman Street has become an urban area - Nos.12/13(11.3), Trinity Church(11.3), 116, 147a/Gee Street(10.7), Circa No.74(11.6), 174(11.3). Hessle Road has double tram lines.
1916 Current Wesleyan Methodist chapel replaces large set-back property.
1928 Trinity Church now divided into church and Sunday School. Clinic established at no.68 - current disused clinic on same site. Bench marks evened out (12/13-10.8, Trinity Church - 10.8, 147a-10.2, 75-11.0, 174-10.8).
1934 No.114 is a childrens clinic. Circa no.100 is a chest clinic.
1983 10th November - Hull City Council informed that Coltman Street had been named a Housing Action Area by the Department of the Environment.
1986 May - First turf cut to mark the start of the new development. July - Lord Mayor officially opens first of 101 Bellway flats.
1987 July - 2.8 million project officially opened: 14 Victorian houses rebuilt and refurbished as 37 flats and 64 new 2/3 bedroom houses.
1992 Council no longer control development.
1994 Shane George murder marks deterioration of area.
1998 17th November - Coltman Street Neighbourhood Watch set up.
2000 Coltman street 'Village' project initiated by resident and (soon-to-be elected) local Councillor Annie Ryan and local resident Angie Scarr. with the co-operation of the Neighbourhood Watch and local landlords. This website first written for us and hosted by the Webfactory (ITITC).

First Coltman Street 'Village' Street party, organised by local residents.

2000-2002 At least 6 houses bought by local residents to restore to large family houses Neighbourhood watch wins highly commended award in the urban category.

2002 Citybuild launches consultation with local residents on the future of the area. General agreement that Coltman Street and The Boulevard have a long term future.

Roger Hamilton wins commendation for his work with the Coltman Street Neighbourhood Watch.

2003 October- Wardens Mural project begins. Aims:- to help restore community pride in the Hessle Road area. Plans to place a mural high on the end wall of Premier Army Stores facing the roundabout on Hessle road end.

2003 November- Film of the mural project made By Hawkshead Video Company shown at Wardens National Conference. Film & Postcard booklet about Hessle road and the mural project including images & poems by local children, published and distributed.


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